Food Plot and Habitat Consultation

All services are based on an hourly rate and some travel and equipment mobilization charges may apply. Call for detailed rates and charges.

Wildlife Management Plan Development:
MWM will design a long-term plan to enhance your property to attract and hold desired wildlife.
Wildlife Management - Deer Photo Wildlife Management - Field Photo
Wildlife Management - Aerial View Wildlife Management
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Food Plot and Habitat Consultation:
MWM provides this service for the do-it-yourself manager who may need assistance with site selection or other agronomic hurdles such as soil fertility, failed food plot attempts and various other challenges.
2008 Soy 2008 Pheasant
2008 Corn 2008 SB

Soil Testing:
Proper fertility and pH are critical to the successful establishment of planted crops. Appropriately amended soil will provide wildlife with the food, nutrition and cover you desire.

Government Assistance Programs:
There is a variety of federal, state and private funding sources that may be available to you which provide instillation cost share and possible future income returns. MWM can assist you in finding programs such as CRP, WRP, CREP, EQUIP and WHIP which may help defray costs associated with specific projects.

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