Yetter 71 Series Row Crop Planters

Simples by design, the new Yetter 71 series planter unit is the answer for low cost accurate planting. Several unique features add real benefits from easy depth control adjustments to setting seed population. Seed plates are available for a wide variety of seed. Thousands of rows of this style planter have earned their reputation all across North America as a dependable, accurate row unit. Parallel linkages allow the 71 series planter unit to flex over ground contours and provides for a more uniform planting depth.

  • Adjustable down pressure springs take the bounce out of the row unit and can be helpful when extra down pressure is needed for soil penetration in tough conditions.
  • The real benefit of this feature is being able to add up to 80 pounds of spring pressure in addition to the 115 pound weight of the 71 series planter unit.
  • This compact, light-draft planter unit is ideal for fast, accurate planting.

The 71 series planter unit provides a greater degree of flexibility allowing customization of specifications to best fit farming operations. The 71 series planters are available with the category 1 hitch kit, optional 4x4 toolbar from 5 to 16 foot in length. The 71 series planters are built to last. Exclusive design features maintain precision and accuracy for many years of profitable, dependable performance. 12 heat-treated double disc openers are particularly well suited for opening the furrow and depositing seed in hard or higher residue soil conditions. Sealed bearings keep dust out, reduce maintenance and last longer.

Fewer stops to refill and more acres planted result from a large capacity 1.3-bushel seed hopper.

  • Each seed hopper is conveniently located at a height to make filling easy and fast.
  • Evenly spaced seed is accomplished through precision hopper parts and a positive ground drive.
  • Heavy-duty hopper support keeps the drive mechanism in accurate alignment.
  • Each ground drive is enclosed to protect its components from the elements.
  • Inside the enclosure a drive chain is utilized to connect the drive wheel to the seed plate drive, which makes for smooth running and accurate seeding rates.
  • The drive wheel plays three crucial roles in the planting process: these being providing drive to the seed hopper, closing the seed trench while simultaneously gauging the depth of the seed.
  • By being totally self-contained, this drive configuration makes possible an endless selection of row spacings.

Setting the depth control on the 71 series planter unit is quick and easy, plus done without tools. Simply pull a spring-loaded stop and a numbered cam can be turned to obtain a desired depth. Each number on the cam scale represents 1/4" change in depth providing ample settings for most types of seed.

Wide selections of press wheels are available for various soil types to ensure the seed trench is properly closed. This assists in plant germination and uniform emergence to get the seedlings off to the right start to provide a return on your investment. Your choice of press wheels lets you customize the 71 series planter unit to meet your soils conditions and special planting needs. Several options are available so you can fine tune the 71 series planter unit for maximum planting performance.

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